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Tammy Divito - owner Teatreat Blends

Hi, I’m Tammy Di Vito - avid tea drinker, mum of two, nurse, health promoter and founder of Teatreat Blends.


Overwhelm and exhaustion was the catalyst for a change in lifestyle following the birth of my second child and the challenges I experienced trying to maintain my flow with the common pressures associated with modern motherhood.


To help restore my health, wellness and balance, I discovered lifestyle retreats as a way to recharge and reset from the strains of every day life.


One of the things I enjoyed most during my time on retreat was drinking tea with mindfulness. This simple pleasure would not only relax and warm my soul but allow me to just stop and take some conscious time for myself.


Combining my passions for health and tea, with a personal desire to dedicate more time to my own self-care, I created Teatreat Blends- a unique formula of premium loose-leaf herbs, to create my own ‘retreat’ in a tea cup.


Enjoying my own ‘retreat’ (or ‘teatreat’ as I like to say!) in the comfort of my home, I wanted to share my practice of mindful tea drinking and inspire others- like you- to take a moment out of your busy day for self-love, solitude and practice of being present.


Each ingredient has been carefully selected and blended based on taste as well as by the health and healing properties of the herb. All teas are handcrafted with love in Melbourne using only the finest quality certified organic ingredients.


Whether it’s for enjoyment or countless other positive benefits, I trust that you will enjoy my unique blends evoking love and kindness for yourself and those around you. The to-do-list will always be there, so honour your need to rest- it is okay to take a break.. and just breathe.


Tammy xx

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